Rates Effective January 1st, 2018

Extended Daily Care
All visits include the following services as necessary:
Dog walking, litter scooping, cage/habitat cleaning, feeding, socializing & playing, bringing in mail & newspapers, putting out trash & recycling, watering indoor plants, alternating lights & blinds.
(price listed is per visit with up to 2 pets).
30 minute visit $25.00
45 minute visit $30.00
Daily Dog Walking
Each visit includes walking, playing & socializing, feeding as necessary.
(price listed is per visit with up to 2 pets).
30 minute visit $25.00
45 minute visit $30.00
Other Services
Overnight Visits
Includes last evening and first morning visits. Limited Availability.
per night
Pet Taxi
Transportation to and from veterinarian, groomer, kennel, etc.
Includes 1 hour total time. Additional mileage fees may apply.
Dog Park Visit
Includes 1 hour visit (including transportation) to the Howard County Dog Park. Dog(s) must have required tags. Advance reservation required. Additional mileage fees may apply.
Additional Charges
The following charges are assessed on a per case basis at the initial consultation:
Each additional pet (over 2) in the household
Per visit
Per pet per visit
Additional 15 minutes on any scheduled visit $5.00

Rates are subject to change and may be adjusted based on the individual needs of the pet(s).

Additional charges may apply for holidays or locations beyond our service area.

No rates are final until a contract is signed by the pet owner and a representative of Stay At Home Pets, Inc.

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