Who are the people behind Stay At Home Pets?

Tracy Goss

I am the mom to 3 human kids, along with 3 canine & 3 feline babies. I have been pet sitting for 20+ years and found my calling when I started my pet sitting career in 2002.

Pet sitting grabbed me right away and I could never imagine doing anything else. I have an extensive background in pet medical care as a trained veterinary technician. I truly have an amazing team of pet sitters that are as loving and compassionate as I am about pets of all varieties.

Nora : Business Manager

Lori Sherman: Admin Assistant and Sitter
Susan McCarthy: Admin Assistant and Sitter

Jean Turner: Pet Sitter
Joseph Brager: Pet Sitter
Amy Freeland: Pet Sitter
Susan Matthews: Pet Sitter
Donna Hawkes: Pet Sitter
Melanie Brown: Pet Sitter
Liz Nissley: Pet Sitter
Shari Sternberger: Pet Sitter
Sharon Shomette: Pet Sitter
Cami Shomette: Pet Sitter
Emma Schroder: Pet Sitter
James Summers: Pet Sitter
Lynne Brady: Pet Sitter
Elizabeth Moses: Pet Sitter
Megan Howard: Pet Sitter
Summer Stampone: Pet Sitter
Hannah Schuler: Pet Sitter

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