Who are the people behind Stay At Home Pets?

Tracy Goss

I am the mom to 3 human children, an 11 yr old lab mix, a year old bearded dragon, and our newest additions are an 18 month old buff tabby kitty and a 10 week old tuxedo kitty. I have been pet sitting for 12+ years and found my calling when I entered the pet sitting world. Before pet sitting I worked for various vets as a receptionist and technician. I loved my experiences and the knowledge I gained but was always upset when the majority of pets coming in for care hated being at the vet office.

Pet sitting grabbed me right away and I could never imagine doing anything else. Before my vet experience I helped run a doggy daycare. I am excited to now own and run this company since pet sitting is my happy place and being able to help clients get the care they need when they can't be with their pets makes me that much happier. Knowing that pets can stay in their comfort zone with people/sitters that adore them and enjoy seeing all the pets we care for makes this transition worth every minute.

Jean Turner: Pet Sitter
Page Levendis: Pet Sitter
Amy Freeland: Pet Sitter
Beth Lacey Gill: Pet Sitter
Donna Hawkes: Pet Sitter
Irina Higgins: Pet Sitter
Liz Nissley: Pet Sitter
Lori Montoro: Pet Sitter
Shari Sternberger: Pet Sitter
Sharon Shomette: Pet Sitter

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