Everyone goes out of town for one reason or another...vacation, job, unexpected family emergencies. Instead of putting your pet in a kennel, consider leaving him or her in the comfort of your home.
Extended Daily Care Rates
30 minute visit
Up to 2 pets
45 minute visit
Up to 2 pets
Each additional pet over 2
Per visit
Per pet per visit
Pet sitting allows your pet to stay in an environment they are familiar and comfortable with, where normal routines can be maintained more easily. Your pet will be walked and fed at or as close to the normal time as possible. We can administer prescribed medication while you are gone, too. We offer in-home pet sitting for all types of pets- dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, and other exotics. We are specialists in the care of large birds such as amazons and macaws. Extended daily care in your home also eliminates the possibility of your pet picking up kennel cough or other diseases carried by animals your pet comes in contact with at a kennel. Our pet sitters are true animal lovers. We do this because we love to be with animals of all types. You can rest assured that your pets will be cared for as if they were our own- all the love, care, and attention we give will be appreciated by your pets. You'll notice the difference when you come home and are rewarded with a happy pet who won't feel resentment about being "left behind."

A normal visit lasts about 30 minutes from the time the pet sitter arrives at your home. During that time we feed, walk, and socialize with your pet. Some pets may not require that long of a visit. We can make special arrangements to visit for a shorter time period at a reduced rate. We can also extend our time each visit. Please call for details and special rates. Need less time in the morning and more in the afternoon, no problem. The nice thing about hiring a pet sitter is the ability to maintain your pet's normal schedule.

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Extended Daily Service