Imagine're in your office (or cubical) at work. You look at the clock and notice you're only half way through your work day.
Daily Dog Walking Rates
30 Minute Visit
Up to 2 pets
45 Minute Visit
Up to 2 pets
Each additional pet over 2
Per visit
Then it hits haven't had a bathroom break since breakfast, which included a large coffee or two. Luckily for you, there's a bathroom down the hall and you can access it any time you want. Unfortunately, our dogs often feel the same urges, but they normally don't have the benefit of an easily accessible bathroom. That's why a daily dog walk is important...especially for puppies and older dogs whose bladders are not as strong as their will, or used to be. In addition, active dogs like to stretch their legs and run. Daily dog walking not only eases your dog's bladder, it gives them a chance to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. A daily dog walk is much less expensive than cleaning or replacing your carpet because your dog just couldn't hold it any more. A daily dog walk can also provide you peace of mind if you work overtime or have to run some errands after work.

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Daily Dog Walks